Q Rock 92.7

Manhattan's New Rock Station

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Who we are

Manhattan's NEW Rock Station

Q Rock 92.7 - Manhattan, KS

Playing the BEST NEW ROCK. Not because some corporate guy in a suit says so, but because WE love the music! Q-Rock is a radio station designed by rockers - for rockers!

Launched In February 2016

Three guys sat down over drinks and said "Let's build a kick ass radio station, a New Rock Alternative for the rockers in Manhattan." A short time later, here we are. Rockin' Manhattan from the top of Stagg Hill.

Manhattan now has a radio station dedicated to playing the best New Rock and Alternative without the filler. Not stuffed with commercials every three or four songs, or with personalites that talk too much or try to be funny when they really aren't. Our personalities are being themselves, not putting on some act when the mic is on. Bottom line. We play more music. The stuff you like, not the stuff you have to listen to until you get to the stuff you like. Cool thing is, someone is actually paying us to do something we love! It doesn't get any better than this!

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Q Rock

We rock, you rock, let's rock together.

(785) 587-0103

Get in touch

Qrock wants to hear from you, you know what to do............Peace!

Phone number

(Tel) (785) 587-0103

Email address

Email: qrock927@gmail.com


301 S 4th St, Manhattan, KS 66502